I recommend the Proprietary Zorb protection devices for all my patients who use mobile phones. As a naturopath and a dentist of more than 40 years, and as a long term dental provider for the police department in New York, my patients are my highest priority.

I have found the Zorb to be the best EMF (radiation) absorption device of its kind. My personal experience is the Zorb helped instantly reduced the heat coming from the phone into my head. This heat is known as SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), the rate that body tissue absorbs radiation energy during cell phone use.

SAR creates what is commonly known as “hot head“. The Zorb also helps reduces the harmful EMF (Electromagnetic Electrical Frequencies) emitted from the device. In separate scientific tests, the Zorb reduced SAR heat by up to 60 percent and EMF emissions by more than 90 percent.

For patients with mercury fillings, this is extremely important, because recent studies indicate that cell phone use can accelerate mercury leakage into the bloodstream, which can be very dangerous. For these reasons and more I highly recommend and personally endorse The Zorb EMF Protection Disc.

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