How Can I Safely Use My Cell Phone (Reduce EMF Radiation)?

How Can I Safely Use My Cell Phone (Reduce EMF Radiation)?

In today’s world, everybody has become dependent on Cellular Technology. For example, having a cell phone is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Everybody today has a cellular device! (Some have numerous devices, (2 or more). It has been established that these devices emit radiation.

We can’t stop the use, so we have to use it safely, and we need to protect ourselves from radiation. The government has just approved a proposal from numerous companies to step up to 5G. Now it is true that going up to 5G we increase the speed and the reception of our devices. Every device (laptop, cell phone, and tablet) will work better.

The problem is that the Electromagnetic Pollution will be through the roof! Our product, THE ZORB, absorbs up to 91% of the harmful EMF and DOES NOT interfere with the reception.

The Zorb consists of 20 minerals engulfed in a ceramic base that has been designed to ABSORB the harmful. E.M.F. waves being generated by today’s cellular devices. You can attach the Zorb to either the phone or the phone case.

Don’t stop the use.

Instead, Be Safe and Zorb it!

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