How does the Zorb work?

What is the Zorb?

The Zorb is an innovative mineral science product that can protect its users against the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic waves.

The Zorb is a proprietary composite of twenty oxide minerals heated to 3000 degrees and formed into a ceramic disc that can absorb potentially harmful electric and magnetic waves. This mineral combination can render them harmless by converting them into shorter far infrared rays, which are helpful bionic energy. Throughout this conversion process, the ceramic molecular structure undergoes dynamic changes to reproduce this benefit continuously.

This, in turn, reduces the impact of electromagnetic waves and their adverse effect on the user’s health. Watch our Zorb Story to learn more!

The Science of the Zorb

The Zorb Shungite Pyramids and Spheres

Shungite Pyramids, Spheres and Shapes radiate energy in all directions at the same time, and have the ability to move energy through time. These spheres are great energy tools to use during meditation and for use inside the home, vehicle and office. Call for current price and availability.

To order Shungite Shapes please call Warren at 904-444-2345.

More Information

Long Lasting Protection

The Zorb's patented technology absorbs electromagnetic waves given off by cell phones and other cellular devices.

Absorbs Cell Radiation

The Zorb's patented absorption technology helps protect users against the potentially harmful effect of electromagnetic waves given off by cell phones and other wireless devices.

Works On All Cell Phones

The Zorb's technology works with all models of cell phones and wireless devices. Place one on your wireless router.

Lab Tested

In lab testing the Zorb safely redirected more than 90 percent of dangerous radiation emitted from electronic devices. It absorbed 50-60 percent of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate).

Quick And Easy To Apply

Peel-and-stick application adheres to all clean, smooth, dry surfaces. Read the instructions to place it in the correct spot.

Interactive 5G Map

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  • "I can confirm that my psychological and physical health state have improved despite continuous significant workload. Subjectively I feel more vital and I have more energy. Thank you for bringing the Zorb to the public."

    John W

  • "It is unbelievable what all this little Zorb can do, No more burning feeling when I use my phone. I thought I was going to stop using my phone."

    Martha H.

  • "After 4 weeks there was a noticeable improvement in 'brain fog' with no more mood swings."

    Janet C.

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