The Zorb Shungite Pyramids and Spheres - Call for availability (904) 444-2345

The Zorb Shungite Pyramids and Spheres - Call for availability (904) 444-2345

Shungite Pyramids for 5G Home Protection - Call to order +1 (904) 444-2345 by phone.

Shungite has a unique structure. It contains pure carbon atoms arranged as connected pentagons and hexagons, forming a sphere. This is called fullerenes shungite. Almost no materials in the world hold these fullerenes, and it is these unique molecules that can transform artificial EMFs into biologically compatible frequencies, neutralizing their negative impact.

  • Shungite is known to change the properties of harmful radiation.
  • Shungite protection is known to happen through the stone's direct contact with your body or by having it nearby in your room.
  • We recommend Shungite to protect yourself and your loved ones.

FinelyRevealed: All about shungite for your household

Need for Shungite in Today’s Society

  • EMF & HARMFUL RADIATION In today’s society, it’s impossible to avoid potentially harmful Electromagnetic fields. Shungite Pyramids protect against these EMFs by transforming their properties
  • POSITIVE ENERGY The pyramid’s shape is a known symbol of harmony and integration. It collects energy, cleansing and purifying it for its surroundings
  • 100% AUTHENTIC Shungite is sourced from the Zazhoginsky Mine in Karelia, Russia.

Protect your whole house with Shungite pyramids, spheres, or cubes. We have all shapes in stock.

Call to order +1 (904) 444-2345 by phone; prices vary by size, quality, and weight.

Science of Shungite

Shungite is said to be thirty times more effective than carbon in removing harmful substances from water. This includes substances like heavy metals and other contaminants often found in drinking water.

In recent years, another exciting discovery about Shungite was that it contains pure carbon atoms called “fullerenes.” These soccer ball-like molecules give this stone its absorbing, neutralizing, antioxidant, and purifying properties. These unique molecules are also what scientists believe give Shungite the ability to protect from harmful EMF and EMR frequencies in today's environment.

Shungite Pyramids – Approximate Protection Radius

We recommend 10cm Pyramids (Size Large – 4 inches, 1.25 lbs) for average-sized rooms and 15 cm Pyramids (Size Extra Large – 6 inches, 4 lbs) for living rooms or Master Bedrooms. Suppose you have a smaller room with concentrated computer equipment, wifi, or multiple electronic devices. In that case, we recommend using two 10cm (4 inches) pyramids or one 15cm (6 inches) pyramid for added protection against EMFs.

Primary Types of Shungite

Type I – Elite Noble Shungite
  • It contains between 93% to 98% carbon
  • The purest kind of Shungite
  • Too fragile to be shaped
  • Smaller Shungite jewelry items, necklaces, or unique pieces for tables, display, and art.
Type II: Regular Shungite
  • It contains between 35% to 75% carbon
  • All shaped objects, like pyramids or jewelry, are made from regular shungite.

There is lower quality shungite with less carbon content. We only sell the higher-quality Types I and II, used for personal protection jewelry and home protection pyramids or spheres.

Call to order +1 (904) 444-2345 by phone; prices vary by size, quality, weight, and availability.


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