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The Zorb

2-Piece Combo Set - Shungite Bracelet and the Zorb

2-Piece Combo Set - Shungite Bracelet and the Zorb

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Flash Sale 20% off! Zorb Shungite Bracelet and Zorb mobile phone EMF Protection Disc combination. 

The regular size Zorb™ is used to protect yourself from EMF radiations emitted from Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Wireless Devices, Baby Monitors, and Pet Collars.
Zorb’s technology works with all models of cell phones and wireless devices. Place one on your wireless router.

The Shungite Bracelet

Shungite contains over 40% of carbon, many minerals and fullerenes, and high energy potential. What makes Shungite unique is it stops the EMFs from damaging us in the first place. The scholars who have studied Shungite in one voice declare, “it is a miracle!” From the book by A. Doronina, “Shungite – the Stone-Savior.”

A few of the shungite bracelet’s benefits are restoring emotional balance, cell rejuvenation, promoting positivity, shielding from harmful EMFs, and many more.

Shungite is known to help rescue, purify, heal, protect, normalize, restore, and even stimulates growth. It is known to help kill and devour many things that harm people and other living beings and helps concentrate and restores all that is good.

Shungite contains almost the entire periodic table of the elements and fullerenes, which makes Shungite extremely useful for helping boost the immune system by helping the body eliminate toxins, bacteria, viruses and free radicals.


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