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The Zorb

2-Piece Combo Set - The Zorb and Super Zorb

2-Piece Combo Set - The Zorb and Super Zorb

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Super Zorb 5x and Regular Zorb EMF Protection disc Combo set (1 disc of each) $89.95 Sale price (30% off), $129.95 Retail Price

Use Regular Zorb™ to protect yourself from EMF radiations emitted from Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Wireless Devices, Baby Monitors, and Pet Collars.

Use Super Zorb™ 5X  to protect yourself from larger EMF radiation devices like Large TVs, Hoverboards, Commerical Equipment, Electric Cars, in the car, in-office, in-home, computers, WIFI, wireless router and many more other devices.

It is best to pre-clean the surface or case for the Zorb absorption disc to adhere best.


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