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The Zorb

5-Piece Combo Set - 5G Personal Protection Kit, $215.95 (retail $299.95)

5-Piece Combo Set - 5G Personal Protection Kit, $215.95 (retail $299.95)

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The harmful effects of cell towers aren’t just limited to areas close to the structure: The towers can emit high-frequency microwaves that can travel miles over level terrain and penetrate brick and metal. We are also constantly in touch with our cell phones and other devices that emit EMF radiation. This growing and constant WiFi, 5G, and EMF pollution around us makes us more vulnerable to health problems; therefore, having a personal EMF & 5G protection kit is a must. Save 30% when you purchase!

The Exclusive Zorb 5G Personal Protection Kit includes: (1) The Zorb; (2) Super Zorb, (3) 71 Mineral Scaler Pendant, (4) Uniset Shungite Bracelet; and (5) Shungite Water Stick. See the individual products described and shown below:

The Zorb EMF Protection Disc for all devices (regular size)

Our flagship Zorb EMF Protection Disc is for all mobile devices.  The Zorb electromagnetic neutralizer disc works with cell phones, tablets, laptops, baby monitors, and wireless devices. Zorb cell phone disc has been independently tested in a U.S. laboratory for its EMF radiation effectiveness.  Zorb Testing and Science

The Super Zorb (5x larger than the Regular Zorb): For Electric Vehicles or Commercial Equipment, WiFi, Large Smart TV's, etc.

The Super Zorb is five times larger than a regular Zorb and provides EMF protection for smart TVs, computers, WiFi, electric automobiles, and commercial equipment.

The Zorb Scalar Pendant (71 Minerals)

People all over the world use scalar energy to treat ailments because of its medicinal properties. By wearing the Zorb Scalar Pendant around your neck or carrying it on your person, you can enjoy the many positive benefits Scalar energy offers.

The Zorb Shungite Bracelet (Unisex)

Zorb Shungite Bracelets are known as “jewelry with a purpose.”  Made from genuine Karelian shungite, these bracelets absorb harmful EMF frequencies in the environment to help protect the wearer and aid in body balance.

The Zorb Shungite Water Stick (alkalizes and mineralizes) 

Shungite is the only known natural material containing fullerenes, powerful anti-oxidants. For centuries, this mineral has been used to purify and energize drinking water. It purifies water and removes pollutants such as pesticides and bacteria from the water. Zorb Shungite Water Stick is perfect for your water bottle and easy to use anywhere and everywhere.

The Exclusive Zorb 5G Personal Protection Kit includes: (1) The Zorb; (2) Super Zorb, (3) 71 Mineral Scaler Pendant, (4) Uniset Shungite Bracelet; and (5) Shungite Water Stick for only $215.95 (Retail value: $299.95)

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