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The Zorb Germanium Nano Face Wand - Single Unit $69.95 (Retail $99.95)

The Zorb Germanium Nano Face Wand - Single Unit $69.95 (Retail $99.95)

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Our body has positive and negative bioelectrical currents that are essential for proper body functioning. Germanium (99% medical grade) is a rare natural material known for its healing abilities. It helps to tone up the skin and reduce the prolonged rapid cell division caused by the EMF being generated by today’s cellular technology.

The New Zorb Face Wand

Due to stress, overwork, lack of oxygen, and sleep, the balance of positive and negative ions easily falls out of sync. Electronic devices, mobile phones, computers, ultraviolet rays, etc., generate harmful positive ions. Too many positive ions cause sickness, slow down the immune system, and accelerate the skin and body aging processes.

On the contrary, negative ions facilitate the delivery of oxygen to cells, stimulate body functions, improve blood circulation, and increase the body’s natural healing ability. To balance the process and defy the signs of aging, we have to find ways to add healthy negative ions. To combat these problems, the Zorb Germanium Face Wand helps re-balance the positive and negative ions on the skin and in the body. Essentially, it ensures that the negative ions are on the skin and in the veins.  The picture below represents one unit from different sides of the wand.  One unit ships per order.

Your Everyday Skincare Tool

The effectiveness of the “Magical Beauty” Wand is based on the semi-conductive properties of Germanium (99% medical grade). The Shungite Massage Wand Roller device is made of oxidized titanium, which adds extra anti-oxidant properties to enforce the production of new collagen. This composition allows the massager to activate skin cells, improve skin metabolism, even out the skin tone, lift the face, get a clear jawline, and reduce fat deposits.

Healing Properties of Germanium

Germanium is a rare natural material known for its healing abilities. The semi-conductivity properties (hence the natural ability of germanium to emit negative electrons) help to rebalance and increase levels of the body’s energy. Strong antioxidant properties, significantly exceeding the effect of vitamin C, vitamin E, and coenzyme Q10, allow germanium to destroy harmful free radicals.

At the same time, it can help activate enzymes, promote cell metabolism, and protect skin against damaging ultraviolet light. Germanium gemstone rollers facilitate the transmission of oxygen across cellular membranes and increase blood oxygen content. This explains the ability of the device to strengthen blood vessels and make them less visible on your face.

Unlike traditional antioxidants, germanium can’t penetrate the skin. It protects against harmful active oxygen. Germanium is found in plants and herbs known for their useful qualities, such as garlic, broccoli, celery, shitake mushrooms, milk, onions, tomato juice, aloe vera, ginseng, comfrey, etc. In the field of beauty, Germanium was first used by Japanese scientist Kabura Ishiguro.

Benefits of Facial Germanium Roller

  • The ability of the germanium roller to produce negative ions helps to delay the aging process commonly accelerated by the overproduction of positive ions. A balance between negative and positive ions in our skin leads to a healthier, younger-looking face.
  • Effective for face slimming helps to form a clear jawline and makes all lines off your face more defined. Used with cellulite reducing or slimming gel or cream (before use, make sure the cream isn’t irritating for your face) will significantly improve the look of your double-chin.
  • The added acupressure functions of the device (due to the shape of the device and Germanium grains) allow to gradually press key healing points, which stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities
  • Improves fluid and blood circulation, thus reducing puffiness and evening out skin tone
  • Innovative design helps to promote blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improves facial contours, provides a lifting effect, strengthens facial muscles and tightens skin
  • It restrains melanin production, resulting in improved skin pigmentation, dark spots reduction, and skin whitening
  • Improves around the eye area, lessens dark circles and eye puffiness
  • When used over creams and lotions, the roller increases the absorption of active nutrients of your favorite cosmetic products.
  • Significantly improves new collagen production, skin elasticity, and complexion
  • One 3 minute session is equivalent to 1,000 taps of manual massage in a beauty salon
  • The device has 40 chips of 99.99% germanium and emits over 200 mV of negative ion energy
  • The small and elegant gadget can be carried around in a handbag, used at home, in the office, in the car, and even in the shower. You will notice salon-quality results after just a few days of use. Your face will also feel great after each procedure!

How do I use the face wand?

  • The Wand is easy to use and you need just 3 minutes (preferably 2-3 times a day)
  • Handhold the massager and gently roll it all over the face in up, down, and with crossing motions
  • It can be used for facial or body massages. For face improvements: cheeks, forehead, neck, contours of the mouth, folds around the nose and lips, eyes, and chin. For body improvement: chubby upper arms, back of your neck, buttocks, thighs, and legs
  • It can be used as a cooling (cool in the refrigerator or cold water) or warming (warm in water) device
  • It can be used with cleansing foam, creams, or before or after makeup
  • Keep an even rhythm of the massage – up to 120 strokes per minute
  • For Face and Neck: Roll the Massager all over your face or neck in upward and downward directions
  • For the eye area: Roll under the eye area, following the bone structure. Focus on the crow's feet area, moving the device up, down, and across the area
  • For the Forehead: Roll the facial Wand in upward, downward and across the forehead motions
  • For the Neck and Chin: Start rolling the device from the base of your neck and move upward towards your jawline (avoid the area of the thyroid gland). Keep repeating the same motion all over your neck, chin, and the contours of your face.


  • Stop using if you find yourself sensitive to Germanium
  • Do not use on injured or irritated skin, skin with active acne and blemishes
  • Do not use if you have any heart-monitoring device in your body
  • Clean with alcohol, avoid using water for cleaning purposes, and pat dry after each use underwater.

Dimensions: 1.8 cm x 16.3 cm
Material: oxidized titanium with 40 germanium particles per single unit.


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