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The Zorb

The Zorb Shungite Water Stick

The Zorb Shungite Water Stick

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Shungite is an ecological natural mineral because of its healing and antibacterial properties and contains fullerenes.

Shungite Water Stick Benefits

Shungite will remove bacteria and other microbes, nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides, volatile organics, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, and fluoride (however, as with other forms of carbon filtration, it is not recommended for the removal of fluoride because it becomes burdened so rapidly).

The Shungite crystals are also very beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety, soothing insomnia, and boosting your overall energy level. Many people, especially in Russia where the use of Shungite originated, place Shungite stones or pieces in their drinking water because of its documented health benefits.

Water Cleansing Properties

Shungite has been used to purify and energize drinking and bathing water. Modern science has revealed that Shungite can neutralize a significant number of toxins because it holds a massive quantity of hydrogen, making it very effective for water purification.

Shungite is an effective sorbent for removing organic and inorganic substances, pathogenic bacteria, and heavy metals from contaminated water. Another good reason to drink Shungite water is that it contains natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, making it beneficial to our cells and tissues. Our Zorb Shungite Water Stick is perfect for your water bottle and easy to use anywhere and everywhere.

Shungite is known to help rescue, purify, heal, protect, normalize, restore, and even stimulate growth. It is known to help kill and devour many things that harm people and other living creatures and helps concentrate and restores and stabilize that which is good.

When First Receiving Your Shungite Water Stick

Wash your Shungite Water Stick under running water for 3 minutes. Afterward, soak the Shungite Water Stick in a container of water for 6 to 15  minutes.  (It can also be soaked longer for increased mineralization). Shungite treated water is used by many around the world and is known to help balance the body, strengthen the immune system, combat illnesses, skin problems, or simply maintain good health. The life of a single Zorb Shungite Water Stick is approximately 6-12 months.

Zorb Shungite Water Stick – Mineralizes and Alkalizes Water

Below are images of the alkalinity test indicating it turns the water blue indicating a healthy range PH increase with PH testing droplets after using the Shungite water stick in a glass of water stirred with the stick.

What is Shungite?

Shungite – The “Miracle Stone” also known as “The Stone of Life”.
Shungite has been used in folk medical treatment since the early 18th century. Shungite is known for its great healing and protection properties, including boosting energy and immune system, balancing the mind and emotions, protecting from harmful EMFs, detoxification and purification of the body.

The antibacterial properties of shungite were confirmed by modern testing. Shungite is an ancient stone believed to be almost 2 billion years old. The main deposit of shungite on earth comes from the Zazhoginskoye deposit near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West of Russia.
  • Shungite is an ecological natural mineral because its healing and antibacterial properties contain fullerenes.
  • Shungite is an ancient stone believed to be almost 2 billion years old.
  • Shungite was said to before there were life forms on earth, deep within the earth’s crust.

It is unique in the mineral world because of the specificity of its molecular composition. The carbon C60 or Fullerenes were discovered in 1985 by Harold Kroto, Robert Curl, and Richard Smalley, which earned them the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Shungite is an amazing stone and one that is beneficial to a healthy life. It is one of the only known natural materials known to contain fullerenes, which are potent antioxidants.

Know More: About Shungite (EMF protector) | Kale University

Shungite contains almost the entire periodic table of the elements and fullerenes, which makes Shungite extremely useful for helping boost the immune system by helping the body eliminate toxins, bacteria, viruses & free radicals.

Shungite water is also known to strengthen the hair, giving it a healthy shine.


Use of any stone or, including Shungite, is not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment, and nothing herein constitutes medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Information provided should not be used to treat any illness, injury, medical condition, or ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health professional.

Shungite Elements, Components Formula, and % of the mass.
  1. Alumina Al2O3 4.05
  2. Iron (III) oxide Fe2O3 1.01
  3. Iron (II) oxide FeO 0.32
  4. Potassium oxide K2O 1.23
  5. Calcium oxide CaO 0.12
  6. Silica SiO2 36.46
  7. Magnesium oxide MgO 0.56
  8. Manganese oxide MnO 0.12
  9. Sodium oxide Na2O 0.36
  10. Titanium oxide TiO2 0.24
  11. Phosphorus Oxide P2O3 0.03
  12. Barium Ba 0.32
  13. Boron B 0.004
  14. Vanadium V 0.015
  15. Cobalt Co 0.00014
  16. Cu Cu 0.0037
  17. Molybdenum Mo 0.0031
  18. Arsenic As 0,00035
  19. Nickel Ni 0.0085
  20. Lead Pb 0.0225
  21. Sulfur S 0.37
  22. Strontium Sr 0.001
  23. Carbon C 26.26
  24. Chrome Cr 0.0072
  25. Zinc Zn 0.0067
  26. Water H2O 2.18
  27. Loss on ignition of IFR 32.78

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