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The Zorb

The Super Zorb 5X

The Super Zorb 5X

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o more zap.  The Super Zorb is 5 times larger than a regular Zorb and can be used on  smart TV’s, electric automobiles, commercial equipment, and carrying in one’s pocket in the black pouch it comes in.

The Super Zorb 5X is not recommended for cell phones due to its size and larger absorption capacity.  We recommend our flagship product, the regular Zorb for mobile devices, laptops, baby monitors, and tablets.

The Super Zorb's 20 high-grade oxide minerals are heated to extreme temperatures then liquid nitrogen is cooled into an advanced ceramic form to achieve maximum cellular radiation absorption and functionality.

The Super Zorb provides EMF protection for:

  • Your Car
  • In-Office Or in home
  • Computers, WIFI
  • Large TVs, hoverboards
  • Commercial equipment
  • Electric cars
  • Not recommended for cell phones

What Is The Zorb™?

Zorb’s Proprietary technology absorbs electromagnetic waves given off by cell phones and other cellular devices. Our EMF absorption disc product has been on the market for nearly 20 years, beginning with a two-piece 5 mineral version and now a more powerful single-piece 20 mineral disc to help combat the ever-increasing and more powerful mobile devices and networks, including 5G. These ceramics are able to render them harmless by converting them into shorter far infra-red rays, which are useful bionic energy.

How to attach the Zorb

  • Clean surface or case for the Zorb disc to adhere properly.
  • Remove safely tape from the bottom of the shield to expose the adhesive surface, then attach it to your device.

Our Zorb EMF Protection Discs are available in three sizes:

Regular Zorbs – $39.95/ea for cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

Super Zorbs – $89.95/ea (sale $59.95)  for Smart TVs, Wifi Routers, and Electric Cars.

Zorb Minis – $29.95/ea for headsets and Smartwatches.

Note: Certain surface textures may require additional adhesive. Re-attach to another device using additional adhesive.


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