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The Zorb

The Zorb Cell Phone EMF Reduction Disc, Flagship Product

The Zorb Cell Phone EMF Reduction Disc, Flagship Product

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Zorb’s Proprietary technology absorbs electromagnetic waves given off by cell phones and other cellular devices. The Zorb is an enhanced and more powerful 20 Mineral oxide absorption disc to help combat the ever-increasing mobile device emissions that are connected to 4G and 5G networks. The Zorb is lab tested and is easy to apply. 

Get your Zorb™ electromagnetic radiation (EMF) protection shield for the following devices:

  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Wireless Devices
  • Baby Monitors
  • Pet Collars

Benefits of Zorb™ EMF Radiation Protection Disc

  • Provides EMF shield for cell phones
  • The shield allows people with EMF hypersensitivity to use cell phones easily.
  • It blocks/harmonizes the negative effects of cell phones or Wi-Fi devices.
  • Protect family and children from harmful EMFs. We offer a wide variety of EMF protectors you can easily adhere to your cell phone, iPhone, tablet (up to 7inch), computer, laptop, ebook reader, microwave, or any device emitting EMF.
  • Users reported no more facial burning, and the Infrared camera test shows no facial temperature increase. All tests prove that the Zorb neutralizes negative effects caused by electromagnetic field (Wi-Fi and Microwave) radiation from small wireless devices.
  • EMF NEUTRALIZER-EMF radiation shield against electron pollution from cell phones and devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) biological effectiveness.

More Information

  • The Zorb Science from two independent testing labs; the first test was performed for EMF Reduction, and the other for SAR (heat) reduction.
  • Zorb EMF protection Discs with 3M Peel-and-stick application adhere to all clean, smooth dry surfaces. Please read the instructions to place it in the correct spot.
  • Why is electromagnetic radiation emitted from wireless devices like cell phones harmful to humans?
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