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Women's 3-Piece Combo Set

Women's 3-Piece Combo Set

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Three-Piece Travel Pack includes 1 Germanium Facewand, 1 Regular Zorb Disc, and 1 Shungite bracelet.

The Travel Pack is a must-have if you are a person who is looking for complete EMF protection or is usually on the road traveling. The travel pack consists of Shungite Bracelet + Mobile phone protection disc + Facial Germanium Roller.

You can know more about their benefits on the individual product pages.

Regular Size – Zorb™ Cell Phone Radiation protection ($39.95 value)
Zorb™ Shungite Bracelet for EMF Protection ($59.95 value)
Zorb™ Germanium Face Roller ($99.95 value)

For travel, we also recommend the Zorb Shungite Water stick.  This is a great addition to the 3-Piece Travel Pack and ideal for “on the go” use.  Easy and convenient to carry in the purse, laptop bag, or pocket.   Works to mineralize and alkalize water.


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